Rivendell Meeting, June 18, 2016, Lord Dunsany

Saturday, June 18, at 1 pm, at Southeast Library, in Dinkytown (Minneapolis). Topic: Lord Dunsany’s “Idle Days on the Yann,” and Other Stories

For our June discussion at the Southeast Library we’ll be reading some short stories by Lord Dunsany. Here’s a wonderful blog discussion of one of the stories we mentioned in our last discussion as recommended for the June discussion, “Idle Days on the Yann,” which first appeared in Dunsany’s 4th or 5th book (depending on whether you count a little chapbook), _A Dreamer’s Tales_, but which later was the centerpiece of a trio of tales published (with two added, related tales)
Per Ruth Berman: Checking again, I see that although “Idle Days on the Yann” did appear in “A Dreamer’s Tales” (1910), Dunsany had not yet written the other two stories that go with it. The other two stories (with a reprint of “Idle Days on the Yann”), “The Shop in Go-By Street” and “the Avenger of Perdondaris,” appeared in Dunsany’s “Tales of Three Hemispheres” (1919)

A Guttenberg text of “Tales of Three Hemispheres” is available free at: