Mythcon 24 (1993)

Mythcon XXIV
Down the Hobbit Hole & Through the Wardrobe:

This page is for the (1993) 24th annual Conference of the Mythopoeic Society, for which the committee was largely drawn from the Twin Cities Mythopoeic Society discussion group, “Rivendell.”

co-sponsored by the U of MN
Children’s Literature Research Collections of the University Libraries,
and the Departments of
English Language and Literature and
German, Scandinavian and Dutch

Maggie’s not responsible for the coloring, which I did in some paint program a while back. Makes her black and white original pretty garish, but it gives some color to the page….

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Program Book Text
“In a Season of Calm Weather,” by Ruth Berman
Program Book Contents & Themes
The Program
[including] Special Events, Papers, Panels & programs, miscellany
Acknowledgements (see below)

some ‘con reports

& links to
the Children’s Fantasy apa page, Once Upon a Time
Carol Kendall Page
Jane Yolen Page
Jack Zipes Page

Mythcon XXIV Committee
Ruth Berman, Steven Mark Deyo, Mike Dorn, Giovanna Fregni, Marianne Hageman, Eric M. Heideman, Jo Ann Johnson, Deborah K. Jones, Greg Ketter, David Lenander, Cathy Parlin, Polly Jo Peterson, Joan Marie Verba

The Mythcon Committee would like to thank our co-sponsoring organizations: The University of Minnesota Departments of English and German, the University Mythopoeic Society Rivendell Group, and especially the University Libraries’ Children’s Literature Research Collections, and Curator Karen Nelson Hoyle

We also thank the Minnesota SF Society, SF Minnesota, the Minneapolis Union (Coffman Union) staff, Comstock Dormitory staff, Linda Escher and the Children’s Book Illustrators’ Guild, The Children’s Theatre Company, David Bratman and Sherwood Smith of The Mythopoeic Society, Eleanor Arnason, Gary & Sylvia Hunnewell, Laura Krentz, Maggie Lindorfer, Nancy-Lou Patterson and Louisa Smith.

Program Book Art Credits: Charles Dodgson, Sylvia Hunnewell, Maggie Lindorfer, Nancy-Lou Patterson, Laramie Sasseville and John Tenniel.