Bree Moot 5 announcement plus more on Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX

will be April 27-28, 2001, in St. Paul, MN
We’re looking for volunteers to help organize Bree Moot 5 in tandem with the University of St. Thomas English Department Tolkien Conference,
a one-day academic conference on Thursday, April 26, 2001 in St. Paul, MN
As of January 5, 2001, Tim has posted the conference program, so check out the list of papers and presenters!

Meanwhile, here’s info about the last Bree Moot, which was combined with the Mythopoeic Society’s more academically inclined Mythcon, which will be in Berkeley, California this August.

Or, you might want to first check out the reports on Bree Moot 3, which is probably a closer model to the expectations for Bree Moot 5, since it won’t be combined with the larger Mythcon. Bree Moot 3 occurred in May of ’97 in Minneapolis, MN.

Bree Moot was started by readers of Beyond Bree, a monthly newsletter for Tolkien fans.


Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX

Bree & Beyond:
Exploring the Fantasy Worlds
of J.R.R. Tolkien and His Fellow Travelers

Bree Moot 4 logo by Sylvia Hunnewell

July 30-August 2, 1999
Archbiship Cousins Center, Milwaukee, WI

Guests of honor were
Sylvia and Gary Hunnewell
and Douglas A. Anderson

Bree Moot 4 was combined with Mythcon XXX
Chairperson: Richard West

a small, reader-oriented conference
devoted to the works of
J.R.R. Tolkien
and the other Inklings, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams,
and other writers of Fantasy in similar traditions.

for more information, write to David Lenander at

illustration by Sylvia Hunnewell, and used here by her kind permission.

sponsored by



The Mythopoeic Society

There are several con reports on website, under events/past events.

It was a weekend of fun and scholarship, beginning Friday afternoon, July 30, 1999. Events include guest of honor addresses, other speakers, formal papers, panel discussions on such topics as fantasy literature and Tolkien’s invented languages, group discussions, slide presentations, videos, filk-singing, an art show and dealer’s room, a masquerade, the traditional Mythcon procession, and a gala banquet at which the Mythopoeic Fantasy and Scholarship Awards were presented. Here’s a press release about the conference.

A list of accepted PAPER & other Program proposals; I’ll try to replace this with a final schedule sometime before September.

Questions about the program should be directed to Programs co-chair David Emerson.

Programming concluded on Monday morning, Aug. 2.

Location & site.

“Bree & Beyond” was held in Milwaukee at the Archbishop Cousins Conference Center. A former monastic retreat center, the rooms are small and dormitory-like, but obviously convenient to the conference, and similar to the traditional Mythcon housing in campus dormitories.


Our conference site afforded local access to the Marquette University Library Special Collections, which house the principal Tolkien manuscripts for The Hobbit, Farmer Giles of Ham and The Lord of the Rings, as well as the associated volumes of “The History of Middle-earth.” We took advantage of this proximity in several ways, featuring the materials in a specially prepared exhibit and in our program; there were extended hours to accommodate visits, and we arranged some transportation at various points during the conference. There were special exhibits of the fruits of guest of honor Gary Hunnewell’s diligent collecting of Tolkien fan grouop materials over the years, mostly from the Marquette collections, but also some provided by Gary. You may contact Chuck Elston, Archivist, at

Archives/ Marquette University Libraries/P. O. Box 3141/Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141.

e-mail address



ranged from $35 at Mythcon 29 to $60 at the door.

room and board package

$175 for a single, $160 (per person) for a double. (Includes a bed for three nights, Friday-Sunday, and all meals Friday evening through Monday breakfast, including the Sunday evening banquet). See also discussion of the package in the “News from Bree” notes, posted BELOW. Complete board package was $115, meals as above, no rooms. Sunday evening banquet was available separately for $30.

Progress Report 1 text is now online. Much of this appears elsewhere on this page, but some additional information is provided.

Also see addendum notes: News From Bree.

Some additional notes about our plans.

Guests of honor

Sylvia Hunnewell’s work has appeared in the pages of many of the fanzines devoted to Tolkien’s work, such as Mythlore, Mythprint, Ravenhill, Rivendell Review, Beyond Bree and others. She also has worked on an annual children’s literature conference in Missouri. Gary Hunnewell is theRavenhill editor and premier historian of Tolkien fandom. Some of Gary’s work on Tolkien fandom can be reviewed on his website. At past Mythcons, he has also contributed papers on astronomy in Tolkien’s work, and on the bowdlerization of Hugh Lofting’s Voyages of Dr. Doolittle, and has been the chief organizer of the revival of Golfimball at Mythcons and Bree Moots.

Independent scholar Douglas A. Anderson’s first book was The Annotated Hobbit (1988). He also corrected texts in editions of The Lord of the Rings (US 1987; UK 1994), and was co-author (with Wayne G. Hammond) of J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography (1993). He has specialized in reviving the works of forgotten authors, like Kenneth Morris (editing a previously unpublished novel, The Chalchiuhite Dragon (1992), and The Dragon Path: Collected Tales of Kenneth Morris (1995)); Leonard Cline (The Lady of Frozen Death and Other Weird Tales, 1992); and E.A. Wyke-Smith (The Marvellous Land of Snergs, 1996), the latter being a reissue of the children’s book which inspired Tolkien’s Hobbit. Books that should be out in 1999 (!) include Eyes of the God: The Weird Fiction and Poetry of R.H. Barlow (edited with S.T. Joshi); a reissue (with a new introduction ) of Leonard Cline’s novel The Dark Chamber; and The Complete Strange Stories of Robert Aickman; and possibly one or two others.

For a list of other registered Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX members, click here.


Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX

293 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102-1811

Questions? Call : (612) 292-8887


Dealers’ Room

For Dealers’ Room (often called the “Goblin Market” at Mythcons and Bree Moots, sometimes known as a “huckster’s room”) information, contact Phil Kaveny

Council-General of The Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor in Exile.

The Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor are a Tolkien fan group, developed at Harvard University in the 1970’s, and devoted to the proposition of restoring the twin kingdoms of the Dunedain as a modern state. Over the years (chronology this project of restoration has produced a governmental system, legislation, elaborate ceremonies and a curious assortment of costumes. The Council-General is the Kingdoms’ annual parliament. Mythcon XXX / BreeMoot 4 will be the first time that the Council-General has met east of the Alleghenies. GoH Gary Hunnewell is Secretary of State of the Kingdoms, with the title of Viscount Tookland, while GoH Sylvia Hunnewell, Viscountess Tookland, is Mayor of the City of Caras Anduinad, the group’s St. Louis chapter.
Some words about our sponsors–

Bree Moot was started by readers of Beyond Bree, a monthly newsletter for Tolkien fans, sponsored by the Tolkien Special Interest Group (of American Mensa). Bree Moot 4 is combined with the thirtieth annual Mythopoeic Conference, sponsored by The Mythopoeic Society. Here’s a brief article by Beyond Bree editor Nancy Martsch (What Is Bree Moot?).

The Mythopoeic Society is an educational and literary association devoted to the study, discussion, creation and enjoyment of fantasy in the traditions of the Inklings, especially Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.
Check out Bree Moot 3, which occurred in May of ’97.

Bree Moot was started by readers of Beyond Bree, a monthly newsletter for Tolkien fans.

More about Mythcons

Doug Anderson’s publisher (and Tolkien’s!), Houghton-Mifflin asked us to put this press release on our web-page.

Link to Verlyn Flieger’s homepage. The winner of last year’s Mythopoeic Scholarship Award for Inklings Studies attended Mythcon XXX/Bree Moot 4.