Readings from Rivendell, 12-13-14

Readings from Rivendell meeting, December 13, 2014

Attending: David Lenander, Cat Lenander, Joan Marie Verba, Paula Rice Biever, Erik Biever, David Emerson, Eleanor Arnason, Ruth Berman, Linda Gunderson, Mikeal Smith, Jaymie Kelly,  SaraBeth Ray, Marianne Hageman, Mike Dorn, Dan Goodman, Laura Krentz, Eric Heideman


Eric Heideman: “Raiders of the Seventh Planet”

Mikeal Smith: 2 poems plus a Santa Story, “The Cliff House”

Ruth Berman: essay about Louise Cavelier Levesque’s fairy tales

Eleanor Arnason: “The Puffin Hunter” from the upcoming anthology The Hidden Folk

Joan Marie Verba: section from her current work-in-progress (“The Company” working title)

Cat Lenander: “The Mantises of Descartes”