Constitution of the University Mythopoeic Society at the University of Minnesota

Article one


The name of this organization shall be the University Mythopoeic Society

Article two


To study, discuss, create and enjoy mythopoeic fantasy as exemplified in the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams in cooperation with the Rivendell Group of the Mythopoeic Society in the Twin Cities. klTo pursue these interests and goals through such activities as monthly discussions.

Article three


Membership shall be of two categories:

A. Student membership shall be open to any registered student who attends a UMS meeting or expresses interest in UMS to one of its officers. Students shall be the sole voting members on group financial expenditures and decisions involving UMS policy or rules. Student members shall join non-student members in voting on discussion topics and time and place of meetings.

B. Non-student members shall automatically include members of the Mythopoeic Society who do not join under category A as well as any other non-student who either attends a meeting or expresses desire for membership to a UMS officer. These members may vote on discussion topics and time and place of meetings.

C. Membership shall terminate upon action of the UMS officer responsible for notifying members of Meetings for reason of non-attendance or expressed disinterest. Student membership shall change to non-student membership in accordance with any such change in an individual’s standing. As Mythopoeic Society members will continue to receive meeting notice of joint UMS-Rivendell meetings in the MS monthly bulletin Mythprint, these members will continue to maintain inactive membership, and treated by UMS as non-members unless these become again active .

D. All members shall be notified of joint UMS-Rivendell monthly discussions. All members shall have full participation rights in these except as under section A of these rules, or where voting might be limited to Mythopoeic Society members. Any member whose membership is changed or terminated for non-attendance shall be notified of such action and afforded opportunity to reinstate him/herself.


Article four


UMS Officers

A. Shall be elected in November of the year unless the UMS elects to postpone or hold special elections at another time.

B. Shall be University of Minnesota students during their term of office except as modified by these rules, permitting reasonable non-student interim until a successor can be elected.

C. Shall serve until resignation, recalled or replaced by duly elected successor.

D. Shall include four students whose names shall be sent to the Student Activities Center. It shall be the responsibility of these officers to organize the monthly discussion meetings, to insure that all UMS members are notified of meetings and significant business, to insure that some record of proceedings is available for at least four months, and to insure that University policies applicable to the UMS are comlied with. They may divide responsibilities and authority between them as they desire, or delegate these responsibilities to (an)other member(s). Each officer may style her/himself with any title he/she finds appropriate, provided this does not violate UMS rules or policies.

E. Any officer may be removed by a 2/3 vote of those present and voting after such vote is announced one meeting in advance, and the officer notified of the pending business.

F. Vacancies should be filled by the 2nd meeting following the occurance of the vacancy.

Article five


This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those present and voting, provided that the proposed amendment has been offered at least one meeting previous to the vote.