Michael M. Levy and Sandra Lindow

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Michael M. Levy and Sandra Lindow

I hope to add more here in the near future.

In the meantime, here are two links, one to our own files and one to Mike’s official page at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomenie.

A note from Mike about his page:

This page includes links to SFRA, SF Studies, and the text of one of my recent articles on children’s books about SE Asian refugees which came out in The Lion and the Unicorn. I have another article coming out in The Lion and the Unicorn any day now on SE Asian versions of Cinderella which I will also include a link to if they put it on the web. Both of these are chapters in a book I have coming out from Mellen Press this summer.


Mike’s recent paper, Ophelia Triumphant

Mike’s Dissertation Abstract for The Transformations of Oberon

here’s the U of MN correspondence course that P.C. Hodgell and Mike Levy teach: http://www.cee.umn.edu/dis/courses/ENGL1020_A364_03.www/

And here, for Sandy, is one poem from her Heroic Housewife Papers

used by permission

My Sister the Dragon Slayer

She had one at her breast

And two in the back of the wagon

When she went out

To fight dragons.

The two played quietly

Midst blankets and pillows

While the baby slept,

And she

Fought bravely,

Distinguishing herself only

In the eyes of her children

And in the eyes of the dragons

Who cannot now testify

Because, as it were,

They died.

Her heroics remain,

For the most part, unsung.

She tells us she did them

For, like the diapers,

They had to be done.

Copies of the chapbook may still be available from Ms. Lindow

She can probably be contacted at lindenleafpress@yahoo.com