Mythopoeic Society Discussion Groups

Mythopoeic Society Discussion Groups

a typical Mythopoeic Society Discussion Group meeting,
in Oz; Glinda the Good, presiding
(Topic: What to do with a Wicked Witch)
illustration by John R. Neil, from The Marvelous Land of Oz

I’d like to invite information about other discussion or activity groups that would be of interest to any Mythopoeic Society members in your area. If you’re willing to be listed here and/or in Mythprint I may list your group as space permits. If you’re interested in affiliating with The Mythopoeic Society, contact me for a charter form and information. Some information available here: Guidelines for starting a Discussion Group.

The Hermits’Pool is a set of files providing ideas and support for starting and operating discussion groups. There will be more added to it in future months, and I’d be delighted to receive any contributions.

If interested in a particular group without an address, contact me, and I’ll forward your addresses/phone number to the appropriate person. Or you may be able to contact people directly if they’re listed in the local phone directory. There are still a few listings where I’ve not received specific permission to list contact addresses/phone, etc.

Mythprint deadline for the Activity Calendar is the first of the month preceeding the month of publication (i.e. October information is due the first of September). Of course information for this online calendar is welcome any time–though I won’t promise to get it in with any particular deadline. I do generally get things in within a couple of days, though. All calendar information should be sent to the Secretary for Discussion Groups (no longer me, that is) (electronic submissions welcome):

Meanwhile, I remain at
David Lenander

(Please also write to David if you have other questions or would like to form a group in your area, or around a particular topic)

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