Bree Moot 5 – Tentative Schedule

Tentative schedule for Bree Moot 5–it is likely that events will be moved from one time slot to another, there are several events which are still tentative and not listed here–I expect that the program will be filled up with pretty continuous program of some sort except for the meal breaks. At least one or two of these programs may have to be cancelled for one reason or another–some possible substitute programs are listed at the end. If you’d like to see a program that isn’t here, let me know–likewise, if the schedule is not working for you–we’re small enough that maybe I can reschedule for you! Let me know.

Friday, April 27

9 a.m. — “Geology of Middle-earth”–slide-lecture by Prof. William Sarjeant

10 a.m. — “Teaching Tolkien” a panel discussion (may be moved in schedule)

11 a.m. — “The Children’s Theatre Company Hobbit,” an examination of the script, compared with Tolkien’s text, and with slides, by David Lenander.

Noon Lunch break

1:00 p.m. History of Tolkien Fandom, panel

2:00 Dragons, a slide presentation by Ruth Berman

3:00 Reading, Tales Told by the Lonely Mountain, by Margaret Howes

3:30 Middle-earth Astronomy, by Sumner Gary Hunnewell

4:30 reading?

5:00 Dinner break

6:30 Golfimbul ?

730 Panel “From Hobbits to Harry Potter” with author Peg Kerr

8:30 Reading

9 Bardic Circle (or Rock-Filk, see Saturday)


Saturday, April 28

8:30 a.m. Saturday morning cartoons (Bakshi/RankinBass)

10 Discussion of the movies, past and future?

11 Tolkien illustration: the calendars, the fanzines, the web-sites, the games


1:00 lunch break

2:00 The Tolkien-Swann collaboration on “Errantry” and The Road Goes Ever On: A Song Cycle, a keyboard lecture by David Emerson

3:00 William Sarjeant: “The Shire, Its Bounds, Borders and Farming” a slide lecture

3:30 Panel: Writing After Tolkien

4:30 Panel: Autumn World, Collaborating on Secondary Creation: Eleanor Arnason (mod), Ruth Berman, Margaret Howes, Deb Jones and Joan Marie Verba

5:30 Poetry Reading

6:45 break

7:00 banquet

8:00 Margaret Howes address and reading; presentation of the Beyond Bree Awards

9:00 Rock-Filk with E.L.F., Emerson, Longs & Foster (or Bardic Circle, see Friday)


Perhaps to be scheduled as a replacement program:

Discussion of Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials”

Tolkien Trivia contest

Panel or program/discussion in response to one or more of the Thursday Concerning Hobbits presentations




Bree Moot was started by readers of Beyond Bree, a monthly newsletter for Tolkien fans.