Rivendell Meeting, September 26, 2020, Hobbit Birthday celebration

Chat log from the meeting:

13:32:24 From Mónica Sanz : This is Monica. No cam or microphone here, but I wpuld like to thank you for letting me attend. I have been following you on Facebook for quite some time.
13:32:51 From Joan Marie Verba : Welcome, Monica!
13:34:11 From Carl F. Hostetter : Hi Alan! Hi Lisa!
13:34:14 From Alan Reynolds : hi, Monica.
13:34:45 From Carl F. Hostetter : Awesome drawing, Janice!
13:34:56 From Carl F. Hostetter : Is John with us?
13:35:09 From Alan Reynolds : hi, Carl. Hi, everybody. Nice to be here.
13:35:17 From Janice Coulter : Thanks Carl. Yes John is here.
13:35:22 From Carl F. Hostetter : Ah, there he is! Hi John!
13:35:53 From Chad High : Hello from Texas everyone!
13:36:04 From Trotter : Hi everyone, also nice to be here for the first time Trotter (Tolkienguide) – Andrew Ferguson in real life
13:36:51 From Valië : hello! saw about this on Facebook, sorry to be intruding ^_^”
13:37:33 From Joan Marie Verba : Welcome!
13:37:38 From Chad Bornholdt : Here
13:37:55 From Mónica Sanz : Joining from Spain, it is 20:37 here
13:38:06 From Chad High : Hi Chad 🙂
13:39:34 From Chad Bornholdt : Hi Chad 🙂
13:39:47 From Chad Bornholdt : Chads in Texas!
13:43:12 From Chad High : The Chad’s are here!

13:50:31 From Matt Geier : Southern California Inklings group:


13:50:49 From Jeremy Edmonds : 👍
13:50:50 From Chad Bornholdt : Middlemoot is $30
13:51:34 From Chad Bornholdt : Good afternoon, Carl!
13:52:49 From David Means : https://www.facebook.com/tolkienkc/
13:53:08 From David Means : That’s the Facebook link for the KC group.
13:53:23 From davidlenander : We’ve met online every month since March. The books (or general discussions) that we’ve done are as follows. This includes the future scheduled meetings through January of next year:

March General discussion
April The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein
May The Tale of the Heike
June Tolkien and the Great War by John Garth
July Dune by Frank Herbert
August The Promised Neverland (chapters 1-38) by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu
September The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer
October The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu
November The Testament of Loki by Joanne M. Harris
December Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames
January The Overstory by Richard Powers

I’ll let other Knossos people discuss how well or poorly things are going.

Wendell Wagner
13:58:16 From Chad High : Here is a link to our Smial’s online site
13:58:20 From Chad High : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150878671702429
13:58:40 From Chad High : For anyone who would like to follow our activities 🙂
13:59:23 From Valië : I am part (but don’t speak for) the Bagshot Row of Irregulars from Philly. We’re a very small group that meets once a month to talk, usually someone suggests a theme, but it’s very much laid back
14:03:04 From Carl F. Hostetter : https://elvish.org
14:05:37 From Carl F. Hostetter : Hi Nancy! I think I owe you a re-up.
14:05:47 From Chad Bornholdt : Hello Nancy!
14:07:01 From Valië : https://www.facebook.com/311092399552474/posts/617057275622650/
14:07:11 From Valië : here’s our latest activity
14:07:22 From sylvia hunnewell : Nice seeing you Nancy!
14:07:31 From Jeremy Edmonds : Beyond Bree website and instructions if you want to sign up http://www.cep.unt.edu/bree.html
14:08:00 From Chad High : Wow Nancy , that sounds great!!
14:09:33 From nancymartsch : beyondbree@yahoo.com
14:11:15 From Carl F. Hostetter : I saw that eye-roll, David.
14:13:33 From Joan Marie Verba : Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story
14:13:36 From Carl F. Hostetter : Congrats, Joan!
14:13:41 From Joan Marie Verba : Website: http://defyingtheghosts.com
14:13:50 From Joan Marie Verba : Thanks!
14:16:03 From Alassië : https://web.facebook.com/povosunidosportolkien/
14:17:11 From Carl F. Hostetter : That’s great news, David!
14:18:10 From Carl F. Hostetter : Oh no! Ellen Vartanov.
14:19:04 From Carl F. Hostetter : I last saw her here in Crofton MD a couple/three years ago, at a local used bookstore.
14:25:47 From Carl F. Hostetter : Don’t ever stop, Sylvia!
14:30:50 From Joan Marie Verba : John Garth has joined us….
14:32:24 From Carl F. Hostetter : Hello John!
14:32:44 From Chad Bornholdt : Hello John!

14:46:16 From Alassië : https://www.instagram.com/povosunidosportolkien/
14:48:46 From Chad Bornholdt : Hello Eryn!!!
14:51:35 From Alassië : Povos Unidos por Tolkien = instagram with posts about Tolkien’s Works
14:53:21 From Valerio : Hi Everyone! I joined having found the link online. Wonderful conversation… A question for John Garth: Have you thought of releasing in some form (maybe online) some of the material that didn’t make it to the book?

15:02:00 From Jeremy Edmonds : http://www.johngarth.co.uk/
15:02:09 From Jeremy Edmonds : http://www.johngarth.co.uk/php/tolkien_at_exeter_college.php
15:05:33 From Chad Bornholdt : I watched 1917 BECAUSE of Tolkien.
15:11:01 From Auntie M (Lisa Harrigan) : I just disconnected and lost chat. Can someone post the chat on the FB account after this, for those future reference?
15:14:58 From Joan Marie Verba : Ted Nasmith is here.
15:17:55 From Alan Reynolds : thanks, John.
15:18:12 From Carl F. Hostetter : Thanks, John! Yay Dune!
15:18:19 From Chad Bornholdt : Hello Ted!
15:18:27 From Alan Reynolds : Hi, Ted.
15:19:34 From David Means : Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome, and hope to see you online at MiddleMoot!
15:20:45 From John Garth : Thanks for your chat comments, everyone. I’ve only just seen them.
15:21:23 From Trotter : Thanks John
15:21:34 From Jeremy Edmonds : Thanks so much John!
15:21:52 From Valië : Thanks for the talk John!
15:21:58 From Valië : Hi Ted!
15:22:30 From sylvia hunnewell : Great to see you again, Ted!
15:24:08 From Trotter : The Blue Wizards illustration is very popular on the UK paperback, pleased to see it again in the new Illustrated edition.
15:24:17 From Carl F. Hostetter : Ted’s “Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin” is STUNNING (this image doesn’t do it justice): https://www.tednasmith.com/tolkien/tuor-reaches-the-hidden-city-of-gondolin/
15:28:42 From Jeremy Edmonds : You will love the “snowy” version of that painting too, Carl. Amazing!
15:29:06 From Chad Bornholdt : Carl, that’s my Zoom background!

15:30:23 From Jeremy Edmonds : (you can click on the three dots in the upper right of Ted’s video and “pin” it so it won’t lose focus no matter what,too
15:30:52 From John Garth : Ah, thanks Jeremy!

15:31:55 From Jeremy Edmonds : this piece is sooooo good
15:31:59 From Chad High : Wow

15:32:15 From Chad Bornholdt : AWESOME

15:32:19 From Trotter : Wonderful paintings
15:33:03 From Chad Bornholdt : That is absolutely fanstastic.
15:33:30 From sylvia hunnewell : The detail is incredible and the scenes breathtaking in scope! Thanks for much Ted!!
15:50:08 From Carl F. Hostetter : Some folks have already received their copies (not me alas)
15:50:19 From Carl F. Hostetter : Tell me about it.
15:50:36 From Jeremy Edmonds : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/unfinished-tales-with-alan-lee-john-howe-and-ted-nasmith-tickets-122228080479
15:50:36 From Chad Bornholdt : Same here, Carl.
15:50:48 From John Garth : Okay, goodnight and thanks again for having me. Great to see you all! Good luck with the book, Ted.
15:51:05 From Chad Bornholdt : No elf/dwarf love triangles!
15:51:34 From Chad Bornholdt : Good night John! Don’t fall asleep on Arrakis!
15:51:50 From Sten Maulsby : Thank you for the invitation. Thanks to John and Ted for speaking with us. I need to head out. It’s been fun.
15:52:06 From Chad Bornholdt : Bye, Sten!
15:58:53 From Carl F. Hostetter : Thanks for that, David!
16:00:42 From Carl F. Hostetter : http://gallery.jefmurray.com
16:01:12 From Carl F. Hostetter : The late Jef Murray’s gallery site: http://gallery.jefmurray.com
16:04:39 From Carl F. Hostetter : Gary is an inveterate joiner!
16:07:44 From Alan Reynolds : Goodnight from me – great to see everybody. Thanks for having me.
16:08:30 From Jeremy Edmonds : Great to see you Alan!
16:09:32 From Trotter : Bye Alan
16:10:32 From Chad High : Good to see you Alan
16:11:55 From Eryn G : This has been amazing, thank you so much. Wow, Gondolin!! It’s 2311 in Germany so I had best retire. Best wishes to all and thanks Chad for the invite! 😀
16:16:04 From Chad Bornholdt : Goodnight Eryn!
16:27:21 From Chad High : Thanks Everyone, this has been great!
16:27:35 From Chad High : So glad I decided to come 🙂
16:27:37 From Carl F. Hostetter : I’ll send your love to him!
16:27:57 From Chad Bornholdt : Yes, thanks to everyone!
16:29:35 From Matt Wells : super awesome – thanks y’all!
16:29:54 From Trotter : Thanks to everyone, really enjoyable conversation, attendees and guests
16:32:43 From sylvia hunnewell : Thank you all for a very enjoyable Zoom meeting. Now to buy the Tolkien calendar and Garth’s book. Great to see everyone….Sylvia
16:32:47 From Marianne Hageman : bye!
16:32:53 From Carl F. Hostetter : Namárië!
16:32:54 From Matt Wells : Thanks David!
16:32:56 From Trotter : bye