Bree Moot 3 pictures

More Bree Moot 3 pictures
Saturday evening filksinging/party

top photo: Cathy Parlin & Cary Hoadland: with the Bread Dragon at the Saturday evening party/filksing.

middle left photo: David Salo, Member of the University of Wisconsin Tolkien Society; winner of the poetry prize, and the trivia prize.

middle right photo: Guest of Honor John Rateliffe talks about The Hobbit.

bottom: left to right: David Lenander, David Emerson, Laramie Sasseville, Eric M. Heideman, Ben Gribbon. Saturday filksinging.


photos by Lisa Star, used by permission.

more photos: l-r Jan Long, Riawa Smith, Lars-Terje Lysemose, Mike Foster, David Emerson.








Jan Coulter, David Emerson
Bree Moot 3 displays:

top left: history of Beyond Bree and Nancy Martsch’s personal collection of Tolkien memorabilia.

remaining 3 photos: In the Shadow of the Lonely Mountain: Writing After Tolkien: display cases outside of the Children’s Literature Research Collections in Walter Library. Mostly drawn from CLRC materials and David Lenander’s personal collections, with author statements and materials from serveral writers and illustrators, including Sherwood Smith, Eleanor Arnason, Jane Yolen, P.C. Hodgell, Sylvia Hunnewell, Patrick Wynne, Patricia McKillip, Ellen Kindt McKenzie, Jane Louise Curry, Pauline Baynes and Ruth Nichols.

These photos either by Karen Nelson Hoyle or David Lenander, used by permission.